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Medicine for the Soul - Special Offer

Medicine For The Soul Special Offer

Open your heart, revitalize your spirit and set your soul soaring with this special collection of inspiration, insights and healing prayer.

Let's face it, life can be challenging. We strive to feel good and secure, loved and cared for, but instead we often less than our best selves:

  • Insecure, restless and longing
  • Angry and resentful, even though we've tried to forgive and let go
  • Plagued by negative self-talk
  • Desperate for connection
  • Caught in the trance of scarcity—of money, time and opportunities

In a world dominated by appearances, chronic crises and thoughts of struggle and lack, it's easy to lose our way. But there very definitely IS a way back to your birth-right of clarity, purpose and power. Allow Spiritual Practitioner & Prayer Intuitive Angela Montano to guide you back to the divine love and clarity deep within you.

Through this Medicine for the Soul package, Angela will lead you on profound journey into the heart of transformational prayer. You'll experience a healing balm that calms your fears, restores your being and opens you to world of new possibilities.

Just as you might have a yoga or meditation teacher, let Angela be your prayer guide - a midwife that guides you to rediscover prayer in a way like never before. No matter what your belief system or religious orientation, Angela will facilitate your discovery of prayer's power to unleash miracles in your life.

Move through each day with ease and grace, consciously connecting to the loving responsiveness of the Universe and experience support, as you've never known before.

  • Live with clarity and freedom
  • Pierce the veil of isolation and experience communion with Universal Love
  • Experience the courage to express your unique self
  • Discover new and expanded ways to share your love with the world
  • Connect to inner peace and experience harmony
  • Trust in your connection to Infinite Possibility.

Let prayer do for you what you've not been able to do for yourself.


When you join Angela in these powerful Prayer Packages, you open up to transforming every area of your life - relationships, finances, creativity, careers, health, family and spirituality - through the activation of prayer energy.

This program is for you if you have ever longed for greater purpose, meaning and connection.

This program is for you if you have ever felt you just knew there had to be more in you, of you, and for you.

This program is for you if you want to experience the support of the Universe in all you do.

Each one of us was born with the ability to call forth our true heart's desires. By understanding how to connect and rely your own authentic prayer, you are coming home to yourself and this allows you to live your soul's purpose.


The benefits of prayer are endless–from physical and psychological improvements–to influencing the destiny of our world affairs. Gandhi said "Prayer from the heart can achieve what nothing else in the world can."

Prayer is the bridge that connects us to our infinite self. I believe each of us has amazing gifts to share. Let the “Medicine for the Soul Package” serve you in calling forth Heaven on Earth in your own experience.

Prayer will:

  • Pierce the sense of isolation to experience relief, comfort, healing, and connection.
  • Shift heavy, burdened energy to a sense of lightness, relief and greater possibility.
  • Banish a sense of scarcity to reveal the wealth within and around you
  • Uplift your vibration and heighten your capacity for receiving your good
  • Interrupt negative thought patterns to embrace a new rhythm and reveal new opportunities
  • Relieve yourself of anger and resentment and expand your capacity for love
  • Silence the inner critic to hear the symphony of your true magnificence
  • Detach from outside circumstances and live from the inside out
  • Refuel your spirit to experience a sense of being held, loved and supported


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Special Offer: $127
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How to Pray – Volume 1 – MP3 & PDF Workbook

  • Do you want access to healing power?
  • Are you longing to connect to infinite possibilities?
  • Do you need to feel held, loved, and supported?

The number one most common question Angela is asked after clients experience her healing prayers is: “How can I learn to pray like that?!” Listen in as Angela leads us into a transformational understanding of how to pray. By following her lead, we are given precious guidance allowing us to tap into the rich power of prayer that has been within us all along.

This MP3 recording provides a universal perspective on prayer that is independent of any religious affiliation. The PDF Workbook will help you create your own specific prayers, using three different types of prayer technologies – the Vulnerability Prayer, H'ooponopono and Affirmative Prayer.

Value $129

Create Your Powerful Prayer Practice

Creating your Powerful Prayer Practice

During this four-part intimate teaching series, you'll learn about Angela's secrets to creating a powerful prayer practice, no matter what your background or beliefs. Whether you're deeply religious, an atheist, or identify yourself as “spiritual, but not religious”, Angela will open you to an experience of love and prayer that is deeply personal, intimate and transformative.

Prayer creates positive changes, not only for you, but for those you love, and for the world. Learn ancient and new prayer technologies that will transform your consciousness. Topics include:

  • Clearing blocks to a dynamic prayer life
  • Principles of effective prayer
  • Listening for spiritual insight
  • The possibilities available to you when you pray

After engaging in this 4-part series, you'll have a new practice of self care that connects you to your divine source, including a variety of prayer technologies and insights to deeply enrich your spiritual practice.

Value $299

1-hour Group Prayer Coaching Circle – Live Event

Group Prayer Coaching Circle

During this special live event, Angela will provide spiritual insights and personalized prayer that specifically applies to YOU and YOUR LIFE.

Join Angela LIVE for YOUR Group Prayer Coaching Circle and ask her YOUR QUESTIONS. She'll lovingly facilitate you in addressing your challenges, struggles and triumphs and perform live prayer with participants. A collective prayer consciousness is created as we do this vital spiritual work together.

This call is scheduled to take place on the first Friday of every month. When you purchase Angela's Special Offer you'll receive an email with the call-in information. After the call, you'll receive a recording of the Prayer Circle so you can enjoy it again and again.

Value $99

7 Prayers for Transforming Consciousness

7 Prayers for Transforming Consciousness

Imagine starting each day with a specific prayer designed to enhance your clarity, vitality and connection to your source. Working with prayer in a radically different way, these prayers connect us to the healing power within us. These 7 prayers relate to 7 aspects of consciousness and correlate to 7 days of the week.

You'll experience the transformative power of:

  • Realizing the opportunities that abound
  • Knowing your value in the world
  • Showing up in your full capacity
  • Sharing your talents, gifts and inner light
  • Accepting that possibility exists under any circumstances
  • Experiencing your freedom
  • Allowing inner guidance to reveal itself to you.

Each day's renewing experience includes: an introduction, a powerful prayer from Angela, an interactive affirmation and a prayerful intention for the day. Repeating these prayers each week will deepen your connection and heighten your vibration. Knowing that others are praying these same prayers every day creates a dynamic field of consciousness that benefits everyone.

Value $167


Bonus 1 - Medicine for the Soul

Medicine For the Soul

Many of us wonder: With all that is going on in the world, how is it possible to remain centered in LOVE? Between the violence we see on the news and the despair we feel in our lives, it's hard to see where love can be a light in this seeming darkness. Join Angela for journey to the center of your heart. She will share how you can find light in the darkness and apply the balm of love to even the most dire of circumstances.

Value $67

Bonus 2 - Prayerful Piano V1

Prayerful Piano

"Searching" is the first collection of original compositions by award-winning composer/pianist Fran Montano. These piano solos are dedicated to those special moments when you want to relax and let your mind run free. These inspired piano compositions take you on a journey through the inner landscape of your being. By listening to this music, you are reminded of the possibility, love and beauty that are within you. These timeless, healing sounds are the perfect backdrop for meditation or contemplative prayer.

“This music is so beautiful & moving, I listen to it when I need to get in touch with myself and let go.” ~ H. Cook, Falls Church, VA

Value $19

Bonus 3 - Prayer on the Air Radio Show

Prayer on the Air Radio Show

Experience Angela's intuitive healing prayer work as she interacts with callers seeking prayer for their various life challenges, including issues with: grief, finances, looming deadlines, family relationships, and more.

You'll experience Angela's ability to attune to the unique needs of each of her callers. As she hears the life challenge being presented, Angela listens both to what is being said and to an inner, intuitive voice that allows her to provide a spiritual understanding and practical counsel.

As Angela offers spiritual insights, you will experience the universal value of looking at life challenges from a spiritual perspective and you, too, will benefit from the affirmative, healing prayers.

Value $49

For 20 years, Angela has worked with private clients by referral only. Now you can invite Angela's fresh perspective and prayer methodologies into your home and heart through this special offer. Act Now and be deeply blessed by this special offer.

Medicine for the Soul Package
Discount: 83% Off

Total Value: $881
Special Offer: $127

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~ What others are saying about Angela Montano ~

“Angela Montano is a genius and a powerfully gifted spiritual counselor. I truly believe my life is magnificent largely because of the support, unconditional acceptance, and amazing, healing prayers I have received from Angela.”
~ MARK ANTHONY LORD Founder and Spiritual Director, The Bhodi Center, Chicago, Author, “The Seven Living Words”

“When I first heard Angela Montano speak, I knew she was the real deal. I knew immediately that she would expand my life beyond measure. Love is her guiding force, and she always leaves me feeling more centered, grounded and knowing that all is well. Her gift should be shared with the world.”

~ CHARLENE GORZELA Executive/Entrepreneur, Chicago-Los Angeles

“My personal experience with Angela Montano has been nothing short of transformational. Part mystic, part midwife, part divine wise counselor, Angela, with compassion, humor and exacting accuracy, helps individuals identify and break through varying states of consciousness that keep them bound and helps lead them to a place of freedom, trust and space. When she speaks, I want to listen. Angela is, and continues to be, my inspiration.”

~ SONYA DERIAN Producer, Online TeleSeminars

“Never have I felt so loved, accepted and reminded of who I am at the core as when I am in conversation with Angela. She has been my spiritual practitioner for many years and I am always surprised at the freshness and commitment she brings to each and every call. I laugh and cry more with Angela than with anyone else in my life. My faith has deepened and my prayer life expanded, as a result of the spiritual counseling she has lovingly offered.”

~ KAREN RADTKE Founder Change & Leadership Coach, Beacon Street Coaching

“On the day that I met Angela Montano, we prayed together. I was new to praying out loud and a bit nervous, but Angela's loving presence provided a safe space for my prayer to flow with ease and grace. To enter Angela's loving prayer field, is to be fully realized as a Divine Being. The truly gifted talent of Angela as a pillar of prayer has absolutely transformed my life. I am eternally grateful.”

~ ROBERT DALTON Photographer

“Angela's amazing ability to hold the truth for me, and help me see the perfection in life, is life changing. Especially when, at times, I never thought I would be able to make it through a difficult situation. With her I have been able to see how to live in the NOW moment, but most of all she has helped me to become fully myself and to love myself as the perfect expression of God that I am.”

~ PATRICK W. ZIEGLER Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Fubble Entertainment, LLC

“Angela's vast life experience, her intuitive astuteness and her compassion have guided and inspired me on my personal journey to experiencing a life of wholeness, creativity, expanded awareness, beauty, love and joy. Working with Angela has definitely been a transformational experience and a tremendous blessing.”


“Angela Montano is an empowering presence and a healing consciousness who is gifted in her ability to see and know the truth for and about the people she works with and whatever they bring to her for clarity. Angela introduced me to possibilities I couldn't have imagined. Working with Angela has inspired and expanded me, shown me who I really am, and given me the courage to be and love my authentic self.”

~ CHARLOTTE S. CIRAULO ALSP, Director of Professional Practitioner Studies & Curriculum Development, Agape University


Angela Montano

An international spiritual coach and facilitator, Angela Montano began her career as a television reporter, host and producer on local news and PBS. She was a contributor to the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour and field producer on an Emmy Award-winning show. In the hundreds of news pieces she covered, Angela saw something deeper in the human spirit—a richer story than the ones she reported to her TV audiences. A soul call led Angela to explore a deeper spiritual path.

Licensed as a spiritual practitioner, Angela facilitated over 15,000 individual sessions with people of all different faiths and belief systems, from around the world. Angela considers prayer to be our greatest technology to access a life of purpose and fulfillment.

A featured guest on Hay House radio, Angela is a sought-after keynote speaker and author of the forthcoming book, Rethink Prayer.

Medicine for the Soul Package
Discount: 83% Off

Total Value: $881
Special Offer: $127

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If you are not completely satisfied, you can return your package within 30 days for a FULL REFUND.

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